I feel something but I can't find the words to describe what it is. It's so frustrating when I get into these places where everything feels so difficult and I can't seem to figure out how to get out of them. I've been sensing the darkness coming back to visit these last few days. I … Continue reading dejected


It's been 8 days. In those 8 days there's been nothing but silence and a great big elephant sitting in the middle of the room that refuses to move. 8 days of ignoring and pretending everything is the way it's always been. 8 days of disconnection, disappointment and aloneness. I need more from her. So … Continue reading frustration

it’s done

On Wednesday evening my Auntie told my mother about the abuse I suffered from my two cousins. On Thursday morning my mother came out and stayed camping with us. Guess what she said to me? Nothing. Not a fucking word about any of it other than my Auntie asked her to give me a hug … Continue reading it’s done

decision made

I found a piece of paper on the weekend with words written around this time last year and as I read it, I had to catch my breath. I was going through what felt like the hardest period of my life and I was absolutely certain I wanted to die. And while the certainty has … Continue reading decision made