falling flat

Friday's session was not a good one for me. It started out fine, the usual 'how are you?' followed by some basic chatter about the weather, vaccinations and such followed by another 'how are you, really?'. It's good that we have these types of conversations. Before, T used to sit and stare at me, not … Continue reading falling flat


At Friday's session T and I spent some time talking retirement and endings. Let's just put it out there that every time he even mentions some sort of ending my brain goes haywire, my ears perk up a little higher and I do everything in my power to keep from panicking. Okay, so I'm not … Continue reading never-ending


It feels like we are struggling, T and me. Me, with being completely frank and honest with what's going on and T with not pulling the trigger on having me hospitalized again. I told him straight up that I won't go back there again. I'd rather lie and say everything is okay than end up … Continue reading planning