too exposed

I'm feeling tired lately. I find that when I'm tired, I also feel a bit sensitive to the things that are being said around me and about me. It feels like society has very little patience for expressing emotions and truth. This leads to invalidating experiences at every turn and when it happens I have … Continue reading too exposed


When things like the things that happened, happen, it feels as though you are exposed constantly. You lose all sense of privacy when your entire being is violated. Afterwards, it feels as though everyone can see right through you and they just know what happened. I don’t know how they know, it just feels that … Continue reading memories


Can't say how I got here but to my past I'm feeling bound this battle plan that was drawn for me leaves me crashing to the ground I have tried not to mind it tried so very hard I tell myself it does not hurt this pain inside that carves out scars You aren't there … Continue reading gone