it’s a puddingstone

T gave me a rock to try to help me remember him. But it's not just any rock, it's a puddingstone and a Jasper conglomerate to be specific. It's just the right size to fit into my pocket. T said it wasn't smooth like I had mentioned but I could get it polished if I wanted … Continue reading it’s a puddingstone

I am going to learn to be the best at waiting

So, I saw the specialist again today after 6 weeks of waiting. The first few weeks were utterly exhausting--waiting to find out if I had cancer, multiple blood tests, microbiology tests and being told by my family doctor he had no idea what was going on and basically leaving me without any answers at all. … Continue reading I am going to learn to be the best at waiting


Hello my lovelies. Haven't felt much like posting lately (lots going on, but just too hard to put into words). I've still been following along with others though and yesterday I finally paid enough attention to participate in Revenge of Eve's photo contest, p4j and she sent me a great participant's badge to post on … Continue reading p4j