Should I make resolutions?

Life is hard. It's one of the things I try to teach my boys. Sometimes it's unfair. Sometimes it's painful. But no matter how unfair or painful it feels, it doesn't give you permission to treat others poorly. On this last day of 2017, I try to look ahead to the year to come. Should … Continue reading Should I make resolutions?

I’m holidayed out..

For the most part I think I've done fairly well keeping myself together through the holiday season. The quietness has probably helped significantly and I've tried really hard not to let things get the better of me. Today though, I find myself done with it all. I don't want to celebrate anything anymore. I'd really … Continue reading I’m holidayed out..

The return..

I woke up this morning with a sense of dread. My mother is coming home today. It should be a happy time right? I should be grateful that I still have my mother? It's complicated I suppose. I never feel adequate when she is around. I feel like I need to prove that I belong … Continue reading The return..


There aren't a lot of things that can make me leave my house today. Besides still feeling  very unsettled, it's freezing outside. We're in an extreme cold warning and it was -30.2°C when I woke up. Add the windchill and we're in the minus 40's. It's that red face, itchy skin kind of cold. Downright … Continue reading Brrrrr….