Get To Know Mondays


I’ve been a total slack as of late, but I thought I could gather up just enough momentum to participate in one of Revenge of Eve’s Monday treasures.

She’s now put What’s Your Favourite to the wayside and has replaced it with G2K (Get To Know).

So, this week’s questions are:

1. Who has always stood by your side? I would have to say my oldest friend Robin. We met the first week of grade 10 and even though we live in separate cities and have busy lives time or distance means nothing. I can pick up the phone and talk to her as though I just saw her the day before. She’s a keeper.

2. What year were you born? 1975

3. Where were you born? A small Steel town in Northern Ontario

4. When is your birthday? May 27th

5. How many siblings do you have? I have one older brother

6. Why is mental health important? I think it’s part of your entire being. If you are healthy in all other forms, but not mentally, you don’t feel whole. I haven’t felt whole for a really long time, but with the help of T we’re getting there…..even though it sucks most of the time.

Journal prompt: Write a thank you letter to the person who has stood by your side.

My Dearest Robbie,

Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you and never asking questions. thank you for letting me be myself around you–good and bad–without judgement.

I hope we will be able to have another 27 years together.

I’ll love you always and forever.  ❤

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