trying to distract

Christmas wasn't the greatest. C only saw his dad for 15 minutes and right in front of him they talked about how they had the whole family over Christmas Eve and then were going tobogganing on Boxing Day. Not once did they say they missed C or ask him to do anything with them. I … Continue reading trying to distract


My recent interactions with my ex's wife in regards to M has gotten me to think about how Christmas was for me growing up. I remember it like it was yesterday and the only word to describe it was chaos. From the minute the holidays started it was like an overload of visiting and eating … Continue reading chaos

dark days

I woke up this morning and for a brief moment...forgot about my past. Then it all came flooding back. Time stood still. Everything felt hollow. I wished I could swap places with someone else. It should be them who has to live this way. When someone hurts you that much, how do you...does it ever … Continue reading dark days