Do you enjoy your weekends? Is it something you look forward to all week? At my session yesterday after speaking with T we've come to the realization that weekends are hard for us. They definitely aren't something ever looked forward to and actually tend to increase the amount of anxiety going on in life. T … Continue reading weekends

12 days

It would be an utter lie if I were to say that things have improved since my last posting. Quite the opposite actually. I'm not even sure where to begin but here goes... I went on my annual trip to visit my Auntie on September 28th. I'd been struggling immensely with thoughts of suicide for … Continue reading 12 days


It feels like I am sloshing my way through some muddy waters in therapy lately. Most of the time I end up feeling like I need to be dragged along because I can't seem to keep up. Don't get me wrong, the speed of my therapy sessions would be somewhere in the range of sloth-like, … Continue reading truths


We are at the end of week 7 and I do not seem to have settled into any sort of comfortable place. I find myself becoming quite overwhelmed over the smallest things leading me to spiral into quite dark places. Most days, out of nowhere, I get this sense that it would be better if … Continue reading nothing