It doesn't matter where I am. There is always something poking at me. I'll try to find somewhere else that feels more comfortable, but it follows. Sharp. Painful. Prickles. Nowhere feels immune. Work. Home. Sleep. Life. Underneath the prickles and discomfort there is a hole. I feel as though I am disintegrating. Any connections that … Continue reading Prickles

It’s messy

It's messy inside. Loud. Busy. I don't want my mind to go there. Wherever there is. I once heard someone say, you belong to yourself before you belong to anyone else. It never felt that way. I felt owned. No power. No voice. They got to choose, not me. Decisions need to be made. The words echo in my head, Quit, … Continue reading It’s messy


In the animal kingdom, an elephant mother is very nurturing and protective of her offspring, especially in the earliest stages of their life. When young elephants do encounter the dangers of their habitats, their mothers are quick to intervene. There is nothing more important than love. Maybe some human mothers could learn a few things … Continue reading Her