to tell or not

I imagine it in my head. My aunt has died and all that's left will be two more aunts I never really talk to. My father's family will be severed. When that happens it'll be the day I tell my mother what happened at my aunt's house when I was a child. At least that's … Continue reading to tell or not

Dear T, sorry for being so needy

The last four days have been a real struggle which has ended up with 2 emails and 6 text messages to T...eeek! He's still here and says I'm not a giant pain in his arse although that's exactly how it feels most of the time. My last text went like this: T, you don't have … Continue reading Dear T, sorry for being so needy


I've been thinking about writing this blog post for awhile but honestly I haven't had much energy to do long writing lately. Even my beloved journaling has been pushed to the wayside. I'm not sure really what is happening with that as journaling has pretty much been my saving grace throughout all of this. Even … Continue reading updating…

words on leaving

She went awayShe came backLeft againNothing was the sameShe left meAnd all I could feel was thatI wasn’t worth it I was leftWishing I was good enough The tearsTears aren't strong enoughThe years aren't long enoughI feel like I've spent all my time looking for somethingSomething that'll never come You leave tooUncertainty loomsMaybe it’s foreverDon’t … Continue reading words on leaving