what would you do?

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children. -Nelson Mandela I feel as though I am about to tread into unknown territory. I feel neither prepared nor able to be okay with it. I sit here and contemplate whether I am overreacting. Is my thought process too skewed … Continue reading what would you do?

how does this happen?

I still find it amazing how things tend to shift so quickly. One minute I'll be doing okay and then something is said or done that can completely throw me for a loop. That's what happened yesterday and today I'm reeling from the effects of a night spent tossing and turning. Yesterday started off well … Continue reading how does this happen?


Last week was...well...I'm not sure how to put it accurately...hard...but maybe with a little of bit of progress mixed in. Well, I think that's what happened, although I have a hard time determining if I'm making progress, not just in therapy, but in life in general. So, I shared with T the letter I had … Continue reading progress?


My Auntie told me something. She told me a lot of things actually, but there's one thing that's stuck in my head at the moment. Most of the time they didn't really want you. When you were around we had to make sure that we kept you quiet because you were always too much for them. … Continue reading unwanted