let’s talk about it

This post is really hard for me to write. Not only because I’m not very engaged right now but because I always feel ashamed thinking and talking about suicide. The past 2 years have kind of been a constant struggle for me mentally. Even with the help of medication, I’ll go through periods where I … Continue reading let’s talk about it

letters not sent–truths

Dear T, I don’t want to write this letter. I don’t want to say these words. I don’t want to be sitting on this couch not understanding what I’ve done wrong yet again. I don’t really understand what you were trying to say to me but my ears heard that I need to try harder … Continue reading letters not sent–truths


Sometimes it's hard not giving up. It's as though there is this invisible pull that wants to take you to a different place where things have a promise of being better. Logically, I know this isn't a real thing and there isn't somewhere out there that's going to magically make everything better but to that … Continue reading untethered