Well today feels like it's one that broke the camel's back. I got a voicemail from M and to be honest I'm just not sure how things ever escalated this far. It's obvious from the message his father has been feeding him crap about me but to be 12 years old and have this much … Continue reading voicemail


Your whole life can change in a moment and you never even know when it's coming. After, everything is different...forever. I feel like I'm being torn apart...like no matter what I do or what I say somebody's going to get hurt. There comes a point when we need to make our own decisions. I just … Continue reading rejection


I feel like I am just buying time, as though we really aren't supposed to be here. There is always a part of me that feels like I need permission just in order to exist in this world because we've never had the opportunity to just be. Some days I feel like stepping off the … Continue reading rambles