the shadow is back

It felt like things had been slowly getting back to what I can only say feels like a bit of normalcy. But another bad nightmare, plus some other things happening and we're back in the land of the darkness again. Hmmm where to begin. About a month ago, I got offered a new job. It's … Continue reading the shadow is back

turn back the clock

I'm feeling overwhelmed. I don't want to fight with anyone. I just want things to be calm and quiet. I want to hide from everything and everyone. I don't want things to be this way. I got a call from outpatient mental health services yesterday. The referral my psychiatrist put in for me back in … Continue reading turn back the clock

week 3

Well, I've just finished week 3 of the new normal. I'm still working about half of my time at home and half at work because I'm still on the essential list, so I really have yet to fully settle in to the remote working life. Work is actually quite busy. I never thought I would … Continue reading week 3