ramblings part 2,365,874

I tried really hard last week to settle into working from home, helping the youngest try to keep up with some schoolwork (we're back to online learning indefinitely) and being a mother all at the same time. There are so many memes about how to make the best of this time and loads of advice … Continue reading ramblings part 2,365,874


Do you enjoy your weekends? Is it something you look forward to all week? At my session yesterday after speaking with T we've come to the realization that weekends are hard for us. They definitely aren't something ever looked forward to and actually tend to increase the amount of anxiety going on in life. T … Continue reading weekends


Time is moving so slowly at the moment that I'm not entirely sure whether it's even moving at all. I feel lost, disconnected from this thing called life. Where has everyone gone and what does it mean? I feel so infinitely small like a tiny speck of dust floating in the air. Will I ever … Continue reading trapped