Christmas conversations

Conversations about Christmas with the ex's wife. I need to communicate with her because my ex won't talk to me and I'm not privy to M's cell number. Me: does M want to come to dinner on Thursday? Her: probably not...he has no interest Me: okay, thanks anyways Her: it would be nice for C … Continue reading Christmas conversations


Your whole life can change in a moment and you never even know when it's coming. After, everything is different...forever. I feel like I'm being torn no matter what I do or what I say somebody's going to get hurt. There comes a point when we need to make our own decisions. I just … Continue reading rejection

the blahs

Well, it didn't rain and we didn't have a thunderstorm which means lightning didn't hit the tree beside our tent and I'm still here...sigh. We're leaving a day early still because they are calling for 20-30mm of rain which is good for the forest fire situation but not so good for tearing down a campsite … Continue reading the blahs


I sent T a text yesterday and I wanted to tell him more about what was going on for me but it all felt pointless. Instead it was the usual 'Dr. K?' followed eventually by his response a bit later 'I'm here'. I wouldn’t say things are absolutely horrific but I wouldn’t say they are … Continue reading tired