a haunted place

Many people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse use dissociation as a coping mechanism. Those of you who understand such things will hear me when I say that it feels like we were made for living through a pandemic. Due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to become masters of survival, in total … Continue reading a haunted place

letters to T

I wrote a letter to T the other day that I wasn't at all comfortable with writing. I had barely started and I could feel a sense of regret creeping up from deep inside. I had been fighting for what feels like forever to keep some things to myself but the blank pages sitting before … Continue reading letters to T

week 3

Well, I've just finished week 3 of the new normal. I'm still working about half of my time at home and half at work because I'm still on the essential list, so I really have yet to fully settle in to the remote working life. Work is actually quite busy. I never thought I would … Continue reading week 3