loving an explosive child

I hate you. I wish I'd never met you. I hope you die. You are not my mother, you will never be my mother and when I leave I am never going to visit you again. You are stupid. You ruined everything. I never want to see you again. Dial the goddamn numbers on the telephone … Continue reading loving an explosive child


It's not always fair, the life you've been given. The neglect, the abuse, the willful abandon. You want to scream, you need to cry. Escaping the world, the walls you've built still help you hide. You cut, you burn, you pierce and tattoo. Just trying your best to erase such hurt, not knowing other options … Continue reading someday

the gap

you feel very far away like a stranger I don’t know if I should reach out, or just let it be if I should cancel this week, or go anyways I find it hard to think to find words to talk to write to be