I never quite know how to start talking about my father. February 1st will be 12 years since he died and I always thought a huge weight would be lifted off of my shoulders once he was gone. It hasn't happened that way though. Perhaps a part of me felt we could pretend a little … Continue reading Him

Father’s Day

Here I sit on the eve of one of my top two most hated holidays, Father's Day. Friends Facebook and Instagram posts will be starting early tomorrow, celebrations of joy and thankfulness for 1/2 of their DNA. I of course, won't be celebrating anything. I don't know how I will be spending the day this … Continue reading Father’s Day

she’s broken

Yesterday I had my therapy session and rather than talking about the fact that T didn't message me back, we spent 50 minutes talking about my mother...AGAIN!! Honestly, it's become a bit of a constant thing and the more I talk about her, the more angry and confused I become. And while he would never … Continue reading she’s broken