one day

one day I will hearthe words you say to meand we will find a worldwhere we can just be one day I will seewho we really arethe one who became consumedby thoughts of places afar one day I’ll stop this warthe one I’ve fought all my lifewe'll forever be alonejust me and the light one … Continue reading one day


Everything that's ever happened is playing in my head constantly. I'm on the brink of exhaustion and I pray that tomorrow will be a different day. I'm trying to decide what to talk about but all I can come up with are empty thoughts. I feel an inherent tiredness that cannot be simply cured by … Continue reading exhausted


Another week is done. A hard one. My world is flooding with need, storms and angst. This sadness. It's such a strange thing. Sometimes, no most of the time, I don't know how to stop the sadness. It feels too big, too consuming. What happens afterwards? Will there even be an afterwards? I sit here … Continue reading sadness

the blahs

Well, it didn't rain and we didn't have a thunderstorm which means lightning didn't hit the tree beside our tent and I'm still here...sigh. We're leaving a day early still because they are calling for 20-30mm of rain which is good for the forest fire situation but not so good for tearing down a campsite … Continue reading the blahs


Well here we are, the second and last vacation for the summer. One more week away from work and life. One more week away from therapy. I know I really shouldn't complain because T hasn't taken any additional time away and the first week was my holiday and not his but something about the separation … Continue reading vacation

things I should probably tell my therapist but most likely won’t–feeling sorry for myself

I DON'T THINK PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HOW STRESSFUL IT IS TO EXPLAIN WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT YOURSELF. YOU KNOW THAT YOU NEED TO LET GO, BUT YOU CAN'T, BECAUSE YOU'RE STILL WAITING FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN...unknown author These things that have happened, they've ruined everything. My life, … Continue reading things I should probably tell my therapist but most likely won’t–feeling sorry for myself