Sometimes it's hard not giving up. It's as though there is this invisible pull that wants to take you to a different place where things have a promise of being better. Logically, I know this isn't a real thing and there isn't somewhere out there that's going to magically make everything better but to that … Continue reading untethered

letters to T–my mother

We have been spending what feels like copious amounts of time in therapy talking about my parents. I'm not sure if it will ever feel better. Sometimes, especially when I talk about my mother, I feel quite awful afterwards. T says it's all okay to feel the way that I feel but even that doesn't … Continue reading letters to T–my mother


At Friday's session T and I spent some time talking retirement and endings. Let's just put it out there that every time he even mentions some sort of ending my brain goes haywire, my ears perk up a little higher and I do everything in my power to keep from panicking. Okay, so I'm not … Continue reading never-ending

she’s broken

Yesterday I had my therapy session and rather than talking about the fact that T didn't message me back, we spent 50 minutes talking about my mother...AGAIN!! Honestly, it's become a bit of a constant thing and the more I talk about her, the more angry and confused I become. And while he would never … Continue reading she’s broken