Mend this heart


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Is there anyone who has the strength to mend a shattered heart? A person who can take it in their hands and breathe love on to it so that the other person knows they are meant to be here? Someone who takes the hurts when the person is so completely broken they just can’t do it alone anymore? Another human who can accept not just some of the other person, but all of them, every single one of their beautiful parts–broken or not?

If your heart needed mending do you think you would you be able to give it to someone that says they only want to help you? How do you move past the things remembered in order for that to happen?

Trust. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Trusting that someone is safe. Trusting that someone is reliable. It’s such a small word when you think about it. Just 5 letters. But those 5 letters carry the feelings of life or death upon them.

Trust me, I won’t hurt you.

It was a lie. What if it happens again? I don’t know if I would be able to live with that anguish all over again.

How do you know when it’s safe to trust? What do you base it on if you have no memory to remind you what it felt like?

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