Storms that rage


Vilhelm Melbye

I know what the weather is like outside, but I’m more interested in how the weather is inside, he asked.

Stormy, I answered.

I hate when the internal storms rage. Dark, grey abysmal systems. Sometimes the pain comes from out of nowhere. One minute it is clear and calm and then next you are bracing against the fierce winds and driving rain.

You try to avoid what is happening and how it feels by changing directions, but the storm follows you. You move again. It does too. Over and over you dance with the storm, trying to escape its crushing grip. Over and over it matches your steps.

Eventually you realize you are searching for something. Searching for someone. You are driven to find that one person who can calm the raging storms inside your soul. It is impossible to understand that the only person who can do it is you.

So the search continues and the storm rages on…..

2 thoughts on “Storms that rage

  1. I was feeling ‘stormy’ since today and morning and I was reading blogs in the hopes of getting some inspiration or advice and here it is.
    “..only person who can do it is you”
    I just wish doing this would be as easy as realising this.


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