stuck in the in-between places

I'm not sure what to say these days. Things have been, I don't know the right word, rough I suppose, and I've found myself in a very bad place. As in those really dark places. I know you know the ones. Where your words won't come and you find yourself distant and alone and just … Continue reading stuck in the in-between places

feeling yuck…

Last Thursday I saw my dermatologist in the morning and my family doctor in the afternoon. I absolutely love my dermatologist. He's one of those doctors who doesn't give up until he gets an answer and if he doesn't like the first answer, he keeps working at it. He's one of the few doctors who … Continue reading feeling yuck…

living in denial..

How many of us are living in denial? Anything that makes you feel vulnerable or threatens your sense of control, such as an illness, addiction, eating disorder, personal violence, financial problems or relationship conflicts can make you live that way. For me, I'm starting to realize that most of my life has been spent in … Continue reading living in denial..


It is suppose to hurt, my child. That is why there is water in your eyes and blood in your veins. If we knew no pain, we wouldn't have known truth, and truth, my child, is the soul of the universe. - Christopher Poindexter I think one of the hardest things to come to terms … Continue reading learning