secret keepers

Don't think you know what I've been through just as I don't know what you've been through. Perhaps our stories have similarities and perhaps parts of them can be the same but you don't know anything except what I want you to know. There are parts of my story I never want you to know. … Continue reading secret keepers

our therapy session

Tick, tick, tick goes the clock on the wall. Tick, tick, tick goes the little clock on the table. They both tick but not in unison and the incongruence grates on my nerves. Evidence of my past trauma weaves like a deep trench through my present story. Decades after the first improper touch I am … Continue reading our therapy session


Another week is done. A hard one. My world is flooding with need, storms and angst. This sadness. It's such a strange thing. Sometimes, no most of the time, I don't know how to stop the sadness. It feels too big, too consuming. What happens afterwards? Will there even be an afterwards? I sit here … Continue reading sadness