Well today feels like it’s one that broke the camel’s back. I got a voicemail from M and to be honest I’m just not sure how things ever escalated this far.

It’s obvious from the message his father has been feeding him crap about me but to be 12 years old and have this much rage is beyond comprehension.

I haven’t engaged and I don’t plan to but to I’m not entirely sure it’s the best course of action. Am I doing the right thing? Below is a written account of what he said. My heart is breaking.

Hi yeah mom, I want my paperwork right now. And you know when you divorced dad well I want all the f$&king money you took from him right now you stupid f$&king b*&@h. And I want my papers because you f$&king ruined my fu$&king life. I hope you fu$&king die. And I want all the f$&king money in an envelope that you took from dad you stupid fat f$&king slobby hoarder.

11 thoughts on “voicemail

  1. Holy crap. That’s horrible. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this.

    Not engaging with them sounds like a good idea. It sounds like his dad is neglecting to address some pretty significant mental health issues M has going on, and I wonder if some sort of outside intervention is called for at this point.

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  2. Oh Mac, this is truly horrendous. This is clearly a child who has been fed poison and I’m so sorry you’ve had to face this today. I cannot begin to imagine what impact that must have on you. Even when we know they’re just children; only a 12 year old, it can seriously hurt. Especially when it’s not called for. I can’t agree more that his Dad is neglecting a lot of things here. Definitely I would need to look at my options with seeking some sort of outside intervention. If his Dad won’t, who else will? I really hope you have some good strong support for yourself, this is just awful for you.

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    • Thanks LS, his father has been filling his mind with crap for so long I’m not sure he’ll ever see the difference.

      I’m going to talk with T about it and see if he has any suggestions as to what, if anything, are my options

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  3. I’m so so sorry to read this. What a horrible thing to receive. I think it says a lot about how your ex is ‘parenting’ him and it’s really sad when parents use their kids as pawns in a fucked up game. I hope one day M will realise what’s happened and you can build a healthy relationship with him. I don’t know what to suggest in the meantime. I’m guessing confronting ex husband won’t be easy. Thinking of you x

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    • Thanks RBCG. I find it so heartbreaking that this is the relationship I have with my child. It’s obvious he’s just spewing the crap his father has said about me. And I can’t even engage with my ex because it’s just going to make it so much more toxic. It feels like a no win situation…

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  4. I’m so sorry to read this! How terribly painful for you, and how heartbreaking that exH could manipulate his child this way. My boys were younger than that and came home from their dad’s saying, “Dad says you are something that rhymes with witch…” it was confusing and distressing to them. Now, many years later, they have a clearer picture of reality, a good relationship to me and somewhat more distance from their dad. All to say that a mess now doesn’t mean a mess forever! I hope that will be true for you. But it’s still hard to be in the middle of the mess and pain! My heart goes out to you. 💜💜💜


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