trying to distract

Christmas wasn’t the greatest. C only saw his dad for 15 minutes and right in front of him they talked about how they had the whole family over Christmas Eve and then were going tobogganing on Boxing Day. Not once did they say they missed C or ask him to do anything with them. I have no idea what is wrong with those people but to blatantly leave a 9 year old out of family get-togethers is so sad.

I’ve been trying not to make it my thing…because it’s not…but I’m so disappointed that this is the way things are.

I got some art supplies for Christmas and I’m excited to use them. For now it’s just been me and my Sharpie and it’s helping to keep things at bay. I don’t have therapy for a week and it feels like forever, especially with how things went, even though I know it’s really not.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve done so far…they need improvement…but I do enjoy zentangles.

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