We are all mortal. We are all fragile. And we all live under the shadow of death. Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is admit we’re not strong enough.

They say progress is inevitable. In some ways we can look to the past as the time of our lives…or an ordeal to overcome. The future can be a beacon of hope…or something scary and unfamiliar. It depends on who we are… what’s inside us that determines what our future will be.

There’s a war raging inside. A war between the mind and the heart. We all feel that battle…the pull between what we want and what we need to do.

I struggle. So why don’t we tell people that? Why do we pretend we lead this perfect life?

The world is changing so fast. We’ve been here before. It’s terrifying to step outside the bounds of our lives but sometimes we must. Sometimes there is a different path for us-one that feels impossible because we leave so much behind.

If we’re not nurtured as we should be, we must find a place to go, a harbour where the storm is held at bay.

There are always shadows…


We sometimes forget, but not always.

We do not always get what we expect. We stumble on cracks, are faced with imperfection. Sometimes, surrender itself can be the bravest act of all…

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