words on leaving

She went away
She came back
Left again
Nothing was the same
She left me
And all I could feel was that
I wasn’t worth it

I was left
Wishing I was good enough

The tears
Tears aren’t strong enough
The years aren’t long enough
I feel like I’ve spent all my time looking for something
Something that’ll never come

You leave too
Uncertainty looms
Maybe it’s forever
Don’t know
Not sure
Can’t trust

I travel far
Far from this place and time
Finding myself worlds away
I haven’t found my way back

I’m lost
Still unsure if things are the same.

I know things.
I do.

I remember.

Not everything, but bits and pieces.
They come
In memories
They never form a whole

Is it enough?

I don’t forget…

My body moves
Goes where I will

But though I try, time stands still

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