I never post twice a day but….

To follow up with my last post and the type of comments I end up dealing with in regards to my ex and the stepmother.

So, they’re taking M to a different dentist. I don’t have a problem with it because it makes sense for him to go to the same dentist as them. Anyways, she texted me to verify who M’s current dentist is so they can request his records. I go ahead and make a simple comment regarding the fact that they make you gargle with hydrogen peroxide now because of COVID-19 and this is the response she sends.

I don’t even know how to deal with these people anymore. Like, is this her way of being funny? I didn’t answer her because it’s bound to end up in a huge argument with me being accused of being ‘too sensitive‘ and difficult to deal with. But WTAF?!?! I wouldn’t even say that to my best friend.


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