masking–trying to do my part–follow up

As promised I’m writing an update on my mask experiences. It looks like work is heading in the direction of us needing to wear them every time we leave our offices. We were exempt for awhile because we’re not open to the public but people are feeling nervous so I’m glad I have a variety to choose from.

Handsome and Lace. This is the company I bought C’s facemask from. Pros: it was made in about a week, the back of the mask is also a very cool pattern, it’s completely customized, made to size and shipping can be tracked. Cons: it’s a bit expensive for a kids mask but if C is going to keep it on his face then I don’t really care. C absolutely loves it and can’t wait to wear it to school. I would recommend this company.

all masked up and ready to dab!

MOJi Mask. This is the company I bought the Noa mask from. Cost was $19.95 plus shipping. Pros: shipping is fast and can be tracked, the material is soft and washes well, there is a pocket for a filter, the pattern is really cute and lasts through washing, the fit is good, the elastics don’t hurt my ears and the mask is really comfortable. Cons: it sits on the nose and doesn’t have wire or anything to bend so my glasses tend to fog up, but that isn’t really a fault of the mask. I would recommend this company.

House of Jimbo. This is the company I ordered the sugar skulls mask from. Pros: the colours are really bright, there is a very fun pattern on the inside of the mask, it comes with a pocket for a filter, there is metal in the nose section to bend it around your nose, the ear loops are adjustable and it’s quite comfortable. Cons: shipping was a bit slow but that’s more of a Canada Post issue, there was no tracking number provided and the mask is a bit big, although that’s more my fault than the company–I’m going to wash/dry it to see if it shrinks a bit–but will still wear it. I would order from here again.

Birch and Berry Market I didn’t mention this one in my last post but definitely wanted to here. They don’t have a website but you can get to them via Facebook or Instagram. This company is run by my amazingly beautiful friend and her sister. It’s a local company that does home decor/crafts but started making masks and lanyards during COVID-19. They have tons of patterns to choose from and the first one I got was Llama Mama. Pros: comfortable, elastics don’t hurt my ears, material washes well and keeps its shape, the pattern is on both sides of the mask, there is a pocket for an optional filter, they are extremely well priced and to top it off this is the first mask I’ve worn that DOES NOT fog up my glasses. Cons: I don’t have any. I’m not entirely sure about their shipping policies but I would recommend. I’ve also ordered 3 more masks and a lanyard for C to attach to his mask so he won’t lose it.

LLama Mama

I’m working hard to be compliant and am finding these masks fairly easy to breathe in. I’ve taken Slantgirl’s advice and am trying to breathe through my nose. It’s going fairly well but it might also be the new antidepressant I’m on that’s supposed to help with anxiety too.

10 thoughts on “masking–trying to do my part–follow up

  1. I love the white animal one! It’s so cute! I think it’s admirable that you are trying when you are exempt from wearing one. In the UK they have lanyards that can be worn so that people know that the person isn’t wearing a mask because they are exempt. I have struggled with it too, but feel better now that the majority of people are wearing them.

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    • oh I like the idea of the lanyard and that way you don’t have to say anything. T totally said he would write me a note but I find people are such judgmental A-holes that I’d rather just deal with the anxiety. Sometimes the world is such a sad, sad place.


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