in and out

the in does not match the out

one is akin to absolute chaos and maddening destruction, banging on the door just trying to escape the mind-blowing pure, raw craziness of it all

the other is stone-faced silence where the words have no place or time or meaning

no match
not now
not ever

I don’t know anything about today
or yesterday
nor the day before that

I write the words
the feelings
the memories
but they don’t make sense

why, what?
what are you asking of me?

I don’t understand

need to escape
don’t belong
not here
not there
not anywhere

do you know what I mean?
tell me you understand

stay calm

where is your mind taking us today?

try to stay calm
it’s fine
we’re fine
fine….but not fine

does any of it even make sense anymore?

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