gone and back again

So, I went on my road trip as planned. I left last Wednesday and came back on Sunday.

It wasn’t an uneventful visit. I talked with my Auntie. I’m not quite ready to share what I’ve learned though, as I think I’m still trying to understand a lot of it.

The weather on Wednesday would have to be, without a doubt, the worst October weather ever. I had high winds, torrential rain (that washed out the highway behind me) and even SNOW!!

Like seriously?!?! :/

But I made it! The drive back on Sunday was pretty much the same, with maybe a little bit of sunshine in the mix.

Here are some pics of the adventure!


Terry Fox Monument


The Sleeping Giant–it is a formation which resembles a giant lying on its back. One Ojibway legend identifies the giant as Nanabijou, who was turned to stone when the secret location of a rich silver mine was disclosed to white men.


Nipigon Bay


Nipigon Bay


Old Woman Bay


Old Woman Bay


Old Woman Bay


Katherine Cove


Katherine Cove


Katherine Cove


Katherine Cove

Weather aside–the drive was definitely the best part of the trip. Part of me wishes I was still on that highway.

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