shitstorm of a Saturday night

**TW–talk of rape, assault

So this just happened….

I am currently freaking the fuck out! I can’t sleep and it’s too late to bother T, so I might as well type about it.

I decided to stay home from my BBQ because I just wasn’t feeling well and I watched movies in the basement. Just before 11pm I hear this really loud banging and yelling outside and Murph is barking (which never happens). I go upstairs and I see a white car in my neighbour’s driveway, and some girl is screaming and banging on her door. She then gets in the car and leaves. So, I go out my back door to see if I can see anyone.

As soon as I open the door all I can hear is my neighbour screaming and things being broken in her carport. I yell her name but she doesn’t hear me. I tell my mother to call the police (I assumed someone was breaking in) and I go out onto my front yard. It’s just complete fucking mayhem with things being broken, people screaming and fighting. I yell her name again but nobody answers.

All of a sudden this guy comes flying out of her carport door and he’s laying on the ground bleeding all over the place. I tell my mother she better call an ambulance as well cause this guy doesn’t look so good. Then some young man I’ve never seen comes out after the guy on the ground and my neighbour comes out as well. The young man is yelling at this guy to not even think about moving and he’s just lying on the ground like he’s practically dead.

I tell my neighbour I’ve called the police and ambulance. While we’re waiting my neighbour comes over to me bawling her face off and totally collapses into my arms. She tells me the guy on the ground is her brother and he was strangling her and trying to rape her.

As soon as I hear that I’m fucking shaking like a leaf and wanting to puke all over the lawn.

Finally after what seems like forever, the police and ambulance show up and the guy on the ground starts yelling and screaming and trying to bite the officers so instead of going in an ambulance he ends up in the back of a police car in handcuffs.

The police officer finally comes over to me to ask me what happened and I tell him what I know. When I got to the point where I told him what my neighbour said he did, the officer looks at me and was like ‘she told you that?‘ He looked like he wanted to punch the crap out of the guy. Flashbacks to my own childhood as I’m recalling what happened instantly have me on high alert and I’m wanting to run away but need to stay to talk to the officer. He said he might call me to make an official statement but he isn’t sure if my neighbour wants to proceed, so he’ll let me know. If I have to go to court and talk about this I’m going to die.

So, now forensics are at her house and two police cars are parked outside of my house.

This is completely fucking insane!!

I am so absolutely shocked.

What in the actual fuck is wrong with some people?

13 thoughts on “shitstorm of a Saturday night

  1. oh geezus girl, this is not good For You. I’m hoping you’re doing a calming self soothing routine, that may include a whiskey or 4!
    We used to live in a neighbourhood where this happened a lot, and it was not good for my feng shui, at all. The fact that it has similarities to your own story is horrible. Please be kind to yourself ❤

    What is wrong with some people? Everything !


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    • I think instinct just kicked in and I went with it. Once the police showed up and took over it got a little scary. I had to firmly plant my feet and will myself to just stay in one place. :/


  2. You helped someone else, and that is something to be proud of. It’s perfectly understandable to be triggered all to pieces, but acting to protect someone else from something you weren’t yourself protected from is an amazing example of how their are good people in the world. Most people- even ones who didn’t have a personal connection- wouldn’t intervene. You are very special. Take care of yourself, and also be proud and remember this when the interjal critic later only sees what is wrong with you.

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  3. What a terrifying experience. I completely agree with what others are saying about your bravery and kindness in a situation that brought up so much. Actions like yours are what I try to remember when I think about messed up people like that. I hope that girl gets some justice and I hope you get some peace following your night.

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    • thanks so much. I don’t even know if I thought about anything other than ‘this is not right and I must do something’. Saying all of that, I still felt like I should have done more–what, I have no idea, just more. It’s so unfair that she had to go through that. I just hope she’s going to be okay.


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