what got me to here–part 1

***TW: childhood sexual abuse, violence, rape T is away. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares about the abuse, but he is away and I don’t know what to do. I feel scared and alone. T always says that if we can just get what’s on the inside, to the outside, it won’t seem so … Continue reading what got me to here–part 1

summer break–part 2

Is it just me or does being in therapy during the summer months feel eerily similar to the childhood game of monkey in the middle? Summer vacations (aka dreaded breaks from T), just like that game, often leave you feeling like the one thing you need in order to win is being kept away from you. You … Continue reading summer break–part 2


People talk about courage. What does it mean? Is it a shattering of walls? Walls I told myself I'd always be safe in. I'm caught between who they told me I was and who I truly am. I am trying to make my way from one to the other. Is that what courage is? Is … Continue reading courage