outlasting life’s storms

It is both the light and the dark that make this world beautiful.

Sometimes all we can do is just try to outlast the storm. Sometimes we don’t have any answers. Sometimes we have nothing to say. Sometimes we no longer want to hold on to anything.

Would everything come crashing down if we stopped holding on, or would it all continue to float on the ebb of life’s ocean like it has always done? If we tell our stories, will we be shown our bravery? If we confide our fears, will someone honour our strength?

Life can be turbulent, tossing us with winds of misfortune, grief, shame or pain. When the very people who are meant to love and take care of you are the ones who cause the most damage, it’s hard to remember that among the chaos there are others who are different. It’s hard to remember there are those who can bring help when we are being tossed so hard that we feel like we can barely hang on.

Deep down I think we just don’t want to feel so scared anymore. We want to feel as though we are safe here in this moment, living life, and that we can let it out and it will be okay. To breathe a little deeper and feel it in our bones that we are never alone.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like we didn’t need to get away from anything? That we could sit in the presence of it all–watching the wildfires die down. Then, the chaos within would still, and the wildness within would ignite.

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