It's hard to write these days. It's hard to make a sound. I try to speak, but nothing comes out. It feels like no one sees the silent world I live in. Most days it still feels like the safest place to be--eyes cast aside, hands clasped tightly and not making a sound. But the … Continue reading separations

magazine stories

Sometimes, when writing feels too hard and talking is absolutely out of the question, I'll cut words and pictures out of magazines and turn them into a story. Here's one from awhile ago (it still feels so relevant to today):

not mine

It's hard to talk. It hurts to breathe. It feels like I have to choose between saying things and breathing. I'm uncertain I can do both. Everything feels too hard and so unfair. I feel desperate and cannot seem to grasp and hold on to any one thought for too long. I feel extremely impatient, … Continue reading not mine