It’s not always fair,
the life you’ve been given.
The neglect,
the abuse,
the willful abandon.

You want to scream,
you need to cry.
Escaping the world,
the walls you’ve built still help you hide.

You cut,
you burn,
you pierce and tattoo.
Just trying your best to erase such hurt,
not knowing other options left for you.

No one said it was easy.
It isn’t a walk in the park.
Sometimes there is a ray of light,
mixed within the dark.

Is this the life I’m meant to have?
There must be more for me.
To all of this I doth protest.
Oh won’t you help me please?

Someday things will be easier,
the day that things will change.
One day it’ll all feel lighter,
when you can finally escape this life of pain.

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