9 thoughts on “the gap

  1. If you can go, that might help with the gap. It might not close the gap, but I often find that when I feel that disconnectedness and then I skip seeing Bea, or avoid any sort of real talk, I also feel even more disconnected and sad—lonely, like she left me. I don’t know, but for me it’s always better to go to therapy than to not go, even when it’s hard to show up. 💕

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    • I agree Alice that avoiding sessions only makes it worse. Sometimes when it’s hard to talk I feel like I’m just wasting T’s time. I’m working on letting him tell me when I’m doing something wrong rather than making up worst-case scenarios in my head—it only it were so easy. :/


  2. I’m sorry your connection to T is so hard at the moment. I hope you go. I hope things feel a little easier and you can hold on to him a little afterwards ❤️

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    • Thanks! Somewhere deep down I recognize that not going only makes things worse.

      I e-mailed T and told him I didn’t want to waste his time. His response: ‘Never have. Never would. Never will.’

      He’s there. He’s not going anywhere. I hope the feeling stays. ❤

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      • Aw, that’s a lovely thing he said 🙂

        I really hope the feeling stays for you. Even if it doesn’t stay all the time, it’s still true that he is there and not going anywhere. You are still connected even when you can’t feel it xx

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