shootouts should be reserved

A hockey game should never end with one!

Even though we won silver, which I am absolutely proud of, I would feel the same way had we won gold. Shootouts, in my opinion, are not a way to finish a hockey game.

I am, underneath the sadness I feel for us, a little bit (just a teeny, weeny bit) happy for the US women. I would rather lose to them than another country and it’s been a long time since they’ve won gold, so good on them.

Winning silver also gives Canada something to look forward to in Beijing! 😎 Canada on WhatsApp

Shootouts, in my opinion should be reserved for special people. People like child molesters, murderers and rapists. Those who take without consideration for anyone except themselves. Line them up and shoot them one by one.

I know a few I’d like to see in that line-up.

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