There aren’t a lot of things that can make me leave my house today. Besides still feeling  very unsettled, it’s freezing outside. We’re in an extreme cold warning and it was -30.2°C when I woke up. Add the windchill and we’re in the minus 40’s. It’s that red face, itchy skin kind of cold. Downright uncomfortable.

But, I have to go out. Last night before bed I was filling the food bowls and hit the bottom of the pail. Following that was a long list of expletives wondering how I could have missed it and would have gotten what I needed yesterday if I had noticed.

Number one on the New Year’s resolution list–PAY ATTENTION!!

So, I mapped out the fastest route and told myself to be out of the house by a certain time to hopefully take advantage of all the sleepy-heads in the city. Well, it’s past my time and I’m still in my pajamas, drinking my coffee.


I think I’ll just forgo the shower, throw on a toque and get it done quickly. Sounds like a plan.

These guys are lucky I love them.

Very lucky indeed…..

23154931_10159463324360364_4551514477383567351_o12307455_10156229784625364_4959485678895722216_o (2)IMG_2619

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