Coming and going like the tides


Winslow Homer

Back and forth. Here and then gone. It’s never a constant thing. My presence moves like the tides of the sea. It comes and goes, comes and goes. If I lose track for one moment I am carried away by the power of it all.

It is so difficult to maintain connection. I feel abandoned. Forgotten. That others have simply disappeared. It’s hard to feel normal when you feel so far away. Everything gets left behind. The good. The bad.

My frosted glass shell that envelops and protects also prevents me from seeing the world that surrounds me.

I don’t know how to change it. I have a hard time understanding it.

It’s because you’re still too scared, he says.

I guess my mind just hasn’t figured it out yet.

The question swirls through my thoughts… do you know when it’s safe enough to stay?

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