Thorns Sharp Hurt Painful Pain

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It doesn’t matter where I am. There is always something poking at me. I’ll try to find somewhere else that feels more comfortable, but it follows.

Sharp. Painful. Prickles.

Nowhere feels immune.





Underneath the prickles and discomfort there is a hole. I feel as though I am disintegrating. Any connections that I’ve been able to form feel fragile.

It’s as though the world can shatter at any moment.

3 thoughts on “Prickles

  1. If I’m off base and the prickles causing pain aren’t things triggering you, then feel free to ignore me. It’s really hard when triggers abound and nowhere feels safe. Have you tried any grounding exercises? Like breathing (which I hate) or the name 5 things you see, hear, touch, smell? Things like that help a lot.

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    • I’ve never been good at grounding myself but I’m definitely going to try to get into a better routine. I think I wait too long trying to convince myself that it’ll figure itself out and then wham, I’m on my knees. Thanks for your messages….


      • Grounding is really hard to do at times. I think we have to be aware enough of what’s happening to even realize we need to ground….it’s tricky, isn’t it? Trying different things to see what works is the best thing you can do. For me, I have to ground myself as soon as things start to feel like they might become overwhelming, because it can snowball so fast. You will figure out what works for you, it just takes some practice. 💟

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