Choices Await large

Niki Gulley

When you were little choices were made for you. In some cases, they weren’t based on what was best for you, but rather, they were solely based on the needs of others.

A child does not choose to be sexually abused or abandoned by those who should take care of them.  It is not their choice to be battered and broken down. They don’t get to decide whether or not they will be brought into this world.

It is often the case that a young child feels that they have no choice but to endure whatever is happening to them.

I did.

I needed my family to survive, no matter how incapable they were at providing what I required. Changing the circumstances felt impossible, so I accepted them for what they were.

And now, as an adult, I look back at those times and wonder why I didn’t make a different choice. But when you are young, what do you say? It’s hard to even think of the words, let alone say them.

Communication or silence.

Love or hate.

Life or death.

Choices are available.

At least now they are.

And I still can’t make the right one.

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