Does anyone else like to doodle?

I don’t consider myself to be a good artist whatsoever but sometimes, when I cannot speak, and even writing is difficult, I will doodle. It can be about anything really–people, places, nightmares. Some of them are about happy things that help to keep me grounded and some are dark and scary. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I feel nothing at all.

This happens to be one of my recent ones.

Superior Doodle

Lake Superior has always been a safe place for me. When I am having a bad day, or feeling completely overwhelmed with life, it’s where I go. If it ever came to the point where I could no longer take what this life has handed me, it would be the place I would go to die because she would set me free.

For those who have never seen it in person, you get an inaccurate, inadequate idea about it just being another lake.

Though it is unsalted and shark free, Superior is a sea.

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